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Sop Janda, Local Taste of Delicacy of Mojokerto

Minggu, 18 Juli 2021 - 04:27
Sop Janda, Local Taste of Delicacy of Mojokerto A customer enjoying Sop Janda of Mojokerto on Thursday (01/7/2021). (Photo: Thaoqid Nur Hidayat/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMES JOGJA, JAKARTAMojokerto has another dish you need to try when you happened to cross the high way. It's Sop Janda, a beef soup with an authentic fresh taste that will erase all your fatigue after a long drive.

Located at Rest Area Gunung Gedangan,  Magersari, Mojokerto, Dapoer Ceria has made Sop Janda as their signature dish. Lots of people will coming to this place for more of the soup.


The Janda on the Sop Janda was a portmanteau of Jawa-Sunda. Form their second floor they could serve around 30 to 50 set of soup each day. Mega Twilana Inda Dewi, the owner of Dapoer Ceria said that she only made it of qualified ingredients.

The soup will have savory, fresh, and alittle bit spicy for Mega added whole bird eye chili into it. You will find it floating on your bowl when you order this dish. It also doesn't use any MSG, Mega believes on the power of the beef broth.

Beside the bird eye, you will see some chopped onion, a little bit taste of lemongrass, garlic, and linked leek. There should some secret recipe that makes the soup feel so tasty.


"The broth is so good, the beef is tender, and it's spicy, a perfect dish for those spicy food lover. It's good to served during lunch or dinner, especially on a rainy day," Dini, a visitor who happens to enjoy the soup said on Thursday (1/7/2021).

Sop Janda at Dapoer Ceria Rest Area Gunung Gedangan, Mojokerto could be enjoyed daily from 11.00 to nifht time. You could have a set of Sop Janda for IDr 25 K. The shop also served another dishes you could try like thise smokey fish sambal.

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